Mission and Goals

The  Veribest Independent School District, as a safe and enjoyable center of learning, will provide for each child an education to reach his/her full potential through the interactive involvement of students, parents, staff, and community members. A positive, innovative learning environment develops self-worth, self-discipline, and Godliness, which motivate our students to become productive citizens in an ever-changing society.

In support of this mission we believe:

   •   An integrated curriculum that utilizes advanced technology and both innovative
       and proven educational techniques.
   •   A climate characterized by intrinsic motivation for high expectations, academic excellence,
       mutual and self-respect, caring and personal support.
   •   Strong parental and community support.
   •   Assessment and accountability for instruction and the use of resources.
   •   Pertinent staff development based on needs of all educational staff.
   •   Display of professionalism at all times towards students, colleagues, parents
       and community members.

Goals Statement:

Goal I:
Veribest Independent School District will strive to provide a curriculum that offers a wide variety of engaging and creative educational opportunities that meet the needs and future goals of our students, taught by highly qualified, enthusiastic, and effective faculty, staff, and administration that encourages, motivates, and creates opportunities for all parents and community members to be involved.

Goal II:
Veribest Independent School District will maintain financial excellence through good management and accounting practices, while maintaining accountability and optimal fund balance that supports school operations.

Goal III:
Veribest Independent School District will strive to maintain a high standard, by upgrading the current and future facilities to support modern educational needs while working to acquire state of the art facilities that support our growth needs.