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Veribest Independent School District's Elementary Campus

 Recipient of the Govenor's Educators Excellence Award Grant
In November 2005, Governor Rick Perry initiated the $10million grant program for paying bonuses to school employees who haveperformed above expectations in raising student performance levels. Onehundred Texas schools have been invited to participate in the Governor’sEducator Excellence Award Program. To date, 98 have accepted theinvitation. The Intent of the Governor’s excellence award program is tosay a very sincere “thank you” to the teachers and staff who go theextra mile to help students succeed.

      2010-2011 Texas Comptroller Rated "Five Star" Elementary Campus

 Texas Education Agency 'Exemplary' Campus Recognition
The Texas Education Agency accountability ratings system ratesall public schools, charter schools, and school districts in the Stateof Texas. The criteria are the same for schools and districts. Based onhow the school or district performs, the school or district will receiveone of four possible rankings: Exemplary (the highest possible ranking), Recognized, Academically Acceptable, and Academically Unacceptable (the lowest possible ranking).
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How Do You Define a Teacher:Teachers impact our students more by their character than by theircommunication. People learn best by example, not by direct instruction.“Actions speak louder than words.” As a teacher they must move frombeing a mere “dispenser of information” to a mentor and organizer of thelearning process.

   Introducing Our 'VeriBEST Five-Star' Elementary Education Mentors and Organizers ...